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Hey, there! I’m a 30 year old (yikes) girl who loves to read. All. The. Time. I can read anything and everything, but have become a sucker for young adult books lately. Anything with a love story can’t be bad either, right?  I’m always scoping out my next good read online or in bookstores.  Maybe I can help you find a book worthwhile or even tell you what to stay away from.  Life’s too short to waste time with a bad book! (Am I right??)

My husband and I also love to travel. We don’t have kids (yet!) and are taking advantage of all our free time. We’ve done our fair share of traveling, but haven’t begun to make a dent in our bucket list. I’ll be posting our adventures and offering my opinion on each stop along the way.

If you love to read and see the world (like me!) and want some help wading through the seemingly endless options, then stick around.  I’m always truthful and would love some recommedations from you guys, too.  When I can be torn away from my books, I work as a pharmacist in Nashville.

Contact me at hernovelideas@gmail.com

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