Trying Something New

I’ve been writing this blog off and on for almost four years! Try as I might, I can’t stay consistent. Change my theme, change my mission. Nothing keeps me coming back. Ergo, nothing keeps anybody else coming back either. Except my husband, because there are unwritten marriage RULES. He has to listen.


It’s time to try something new. This started out as a book blog, then developed into books and travel. Those are my major biggies in life. Love to read. Love to travel. I thought that was enough to build a blog, however sometimes life gets in the way. Messy, crazy, boring life. In light of this tragedy, I’m going to try something new. I am going to just write about me! Whatever catches my fancy. Maybe it will be interesting, maybe it won’t. But it will be me through and through. In the end, isn’t that all that matters?

Stay tuned, y’all! Times, they are changing.

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