City of Bones Movie Review

Better late than never, right? So I never quite made it to see this movie in theaters. I couldn’t convince my husband (or myself, really) that it was worth it. I was probably right.

Let me preface this by saying it’s been a while since I read a Shadowhunter book. Having read all of The Mortal Instruments (currently out) as well as The Infernal Devices, this movie was confusing. So many things just weren’t explained or they were drawn out. I understand that with a movie there are time constraints that authors don’t have to deal with when writing books. However, if I hadn’t read the books, I would have been completely lost.  I was a little lost just having been months out from the books.

That being said, it was overall enjoyable. I love bringing characters to life and seeing them on screen. Lily Collins is great as Clary, and I can definitely see why she is up and coming in Hollywood.  Jace wasn’t my personal cup of tea, but I’ve heard the girls swoon. Perhaps it’s my old lady syndrome shining through. Something tells me Hugh Jackman couldn’t have pulled it off (yes, he’s my favorite).  Still, some Wolverine might have helped this movie. There is just too much vital information in the books that can’t reach the big screen. I feel like the heart of the books wasn’t alive here.

I haven’t heard wether or not any of the following books are to be adapted, but I highly hope so. I love anything that will get people interested in reading. Movie adaptations are great for that. Book sales go through the roof when something hits theaters. Personally, I like to see if the movie can measure up to my imaginative mind. So far, I’m a tough cookie.


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