Rodan+Fields: Cheers to New Endeavors 🍷

As an expansion of my website, I am going to start including posts about some of my favorite products. Sometimes I fall in love with things, and I think you guys will too! One of my newest obsessions is Rodan+Fields. I began using their products in December, and finally took the leap a few weeks ago and became a consultant. I think my results speak for themselves! No more dark circles. No more cystic acne. I’m foundation free!

My skin is improving every day! I started this journey using Rodan+Fields Unblemish. I struggled with cystic acne for years. As a pharmacist, if you name it, I tried it. I even went so far as to try Accutane (yuck!). Even after trying anything and everything, I only ended up with a peeling, red, angry face still full of cystic acne. Enter R+F!

Just like anyone who has looked into these products, I got sticker shock. Geez Louise! $180 for face wash? Boy, was I wrong. I saw Rodan+Fields all over Facebook, still I waited. My consultant patiently waited while I tried the eye cream, the microdermabrasion paste. She never pushed. Finally, I decided I might as well try it. With a 60-day money-back guarantee, what did I have to lose?

Right out of the box, I noticed something different. This wasn’t just a face wash. This was a  4 step skincare routine designed for luxury! From the acne treating sulfur wash to the oil-controlling lotion, my skin was getting the Mercedes treatment. Each individual step is designed to treat acne, but together it is a symphony! My cystic acne didn’t stand a chance. This particular regimen contains an Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash, Clarifying Toner, Dual Intensive Acne Treatment, and Oil Control Lotion. And it’s a two month supply! No wonder it’s got a heftier price tag. Try going to Macy’s and buying a set like this for any less. Go ahead…I’ll wait.

It wasn’t immediate, but over the course of the first two months, my skin kept improving. Initially there was a purge of all the gunk in my skin, and then something amazing happened. No more cystic acne! After years of bumps on my chin, I finally tossed my foundation. I don’t need it anymore. I don’t even mind leaving the house completely makeup free. No more concealer covering angry red splotches. Complete disclaimer: Rodan+Fields isn’t a cure-all. Occasionally I still get a little breakout (especially around that time 😒), but my overall skin health drastically improved!


There’s a reason I decided to sell these products: they work. Every person should be able to love the skin they’re in, no matter what. I love how my skin looks and feels these days. I think you can too! Follow the link to great skin, or feel free to comment or email me with any questions. I’ve recently added the Reverse Brightening Regimen into my routine, so I hope to have an update with that soon! I’ll be posting information about different products frequently, so feel free to check back.


Trying Something New

I’ve been writing this blog off and on for almost four years! Try as I might, I can’t stay consistent. Change my theme, change my mission. Nothing keeps me coming back. Ergo, nothing keeps anybody else coming back either. Except my husband, because there are unwritten marriage RULES. He has to listen.


It’s time to try something new. This started out as a book blog, then developed into books and travel. Those are my major biggies in life. Love to read. Love to travel. I thought that was enough to build a blog, however sometimes life gets in the way. Messy, crazy, boring life. In light of this tragedy, I’m going to try something new. I am going to just write about me! Whatever catches my fancy. Maybe it will be interesting, maybe it won’t. But it will be me through and through. In the end, isn’t that all that matters?

Stay tuned, y’all! Times, they are changing.